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Nineteenth Annual Workshop and Summer School

(L to R) Ioanna Katidioti, Ricky Chng, Yingying Tan, Steven Tenaglia, Daniela Link, Caitlin Tenison, Yanfei Liu, Menno Nijboer, David Tobinski, Jelmer Borst, Dan Bothell, John Anderson, John Lindstedt, Katja Mehlhorn, Sergio Verduzco-Flores, Hanna Fechner, Noam Ben-Asher

Nineteenth Anuual ACT-R Workshop Program 2012

The 19th Annual ACT-R Workshop occurred on July 27, July 28, and July 29, 2012 at Carnegie Mellon University. The progam/proceedings are located below.

Friday, July 27


John Anderson
Presentation: Using fMRI to Discover ACT-R Models


Jelmer Borst
Presentation: Using Model-Based fMRI to Locate the Nerual Correlates of Five ACT-R Modules


Jennifer Ferris-Glick & Heeseung Lee
Presentation: Improving Mathematical Intelligent Tutoring Systems


Yulin Qin, Haiyan Zhou, Zhijian Wang, Jain Yang, Ning Zhong, & John Anderson
Presentation: Intrinsic Neural Connection of ACT-R ROIs

Vision & Robotics

Laura Hiatt, Wallace Lawson, & J. Gregory Trafton
Presentaton: Perception and Reasoning in Cognitive Robotics


Unmesh Kurup
Presentation: Usng Expectation to Drive Cognitive Behavior


Enkhbold Nyamsuren & Niels Taatgen
Presentation: Are There More Red Symbols or Square Symbols? Modeling Peripheral Vision with the PAAV Visual Module


Jerry Vinokurov & Christian Lebiere
Presentation: Unsupervised Learning for Symbol-Grounding in the SAL Hybrid Cognitive Architecture

Games & Strategies

Ion Juvina & Christian Lebiere
Presentaton: Modeling transfer of learning in games of strategic interaction


Matthew Kelly & Robert West
Presentation: Modelling decision-making in prisoner’s dilemma


David Reitter & Christian Lebiere
Presentation: Social Cognition: Memory Decay and Adaptive Information Filtering in an ACT-R Simulation


Matthew Rutledge-Taylor, Robert Thomson, Christian Lebiere, James Staszewski, & John Anderson
Presentation: A Comparison of Rule-Based versus Exemplar-Based Categorization in a Model of Sensemaking

Invited Session

Paul Rosenbloom
Presentaton: Sigma: Towards a Graphical Architecture for Integrated Cognition

Comments & Discussion

Saturday, July 28

Human Computer Interaction

Mike Byrne
Presentation: ACT-R as a Usability Tool for Ballot Design


Jungaa Moon & John Anderson
Presentation: Millisecond Time Interval Esitmation in a Dynamic Task


Sterling Somers & Robert West
Presentation: Macro Cognition: Using SGOMS to Pilot a Flight Simulator


Frank Tamborello
Presentation: ACT-Touch: Multitouch Display Interaction for ACT-R


Ion Juvina, Michael Qin, & Christian Lebiere
Presentaton: An ACT-R Model fo the N-Back M-Pitch Paradigm


Katja Melhorn, Niels Taatgen, & Fokie Cnossen
Presentation: Previous Experience and Current Context Influence the Generation of Hypotheses from Memory


Darryl Schneider
Presentation: Modeling Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Recognition


Robert Thomson
Presentation: An Updated Implementation of Associative Learning


Jerry Ball
Presentaton: The Need for Language Specific Buffers to Model Binding and Co-Reference in ACT-R/Double-R


Bill Kennedy
Presentation: Modeling the Intutitive Decision Making of One Agent and Tree-Based Decision Making in Thousands


Christian Lebiere
Presentation: Mental Models for Human-Robot Interaction


Alessandro Oltramari
Presentation: ACT-RK: Integrating Mechanism and Knowledge for Visual Intelligence


Dario Salvucci
Presentation: A Large-Scale Knowledge Base for ACT-R


Dan Bothell
Presentaton: New Developments in ACT-R


Panel Discussion
Cognitive Architectures: State, Trends, & Roadmap

Sunday, July 29

Tutorial Introductions


Niels Taatgen

Troy Kelley



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