ACT-R the theory is embodied in ACT-R the software. The software is available as an application or as source code.

This page holds information about the current version of the ACT-R 7 software.

Older versions of the software are still available on the old software page.


Version 7.21.6-<3099:2020-12-21>

Standalone Applications

Installation and running instructions can be found in the included Readme files because they differ by version. There are also short videos of running each the first time to show the typical issues that may arise.

Source Code

The source code is available here and from the subversion archive at svn:// The QuickStart.txt file has instructions on how to run ACT-R from sources.

Docker container

All of the components necessary to run ACT-R have been bundled into a Docker container along with an optional Jupyter notebook server and notebook pages for running the tutorial models in Python. Details on how to get and run that container are available in this file, and the container is on Docker Hub.

This is the first test of distributing ACT-R in this manner, and I welcome any feedback you have about it.

Tutorial Units

The unit texts can be downloaded separately, but are already included in the software distributions above.

Reference Manuals

The manuals for the ACT-R software are included in the docs directory of the software distributions and also available here:

  • ACT-R remote interface documentation
  • Other Material

    The log of the commits to the ACT-R source code repository are available in a text log or an atom feed.

    Slides on updates to ACT-R 7 during the 2020 ACT-R Workshop.

    Slides on updates to ACT-R 7 during the 2019 ACT-R Workshop.

    Slides on updates to ACT-R 7 during the 2018 ACT-R Workshop.

    Slides on updates to ACT-R 7 during the 2017 ACT-R Workshop.


    If you have any problems, questions, or comments about the ACT-R software please contact Dan.