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Thirtieth Annual ACT-R Workshop

The 30th annual ACT-R Workshop took place on Tuesday July 18, 2023 as part of the MathPsych/ICCM/EMPG 2023 Conference in Amsterdam.



Times listed are Amsterdam local time (Central European Summer Time).


9:00am Architecture Video

Niels Taatgen
Understanding Intelligent Behavior through Cognitive Skills


Alex Hough
Challenges and Strategies for Extending ACT-R Visual Perception


Nicolas Turcas
Does ACT-R Have a Type? Formatting Declarative Memory


10:30am Break


11:00am Future of ACT-R Video

John Anderson
Stitching Fragments of Model Runs


Dan Bothell
ACT-R Updates


Open Discussion


12:30pm Lunch


2:00pm Personalization Video

Patrick Rice
Hierarchical, multi-feature visual grouping processes for ACT-R


Michael Collins
Hierarchal Approximate Bayesian Computation with ACT-R: A preliminary examination


Edward Cranford
Adaptive Phishing Training for Simulation Campaigns: Combining ML with Cognitive Models

3:00pm Break


3:20pm Applications Video

Prashanth Rajivan
Are IBLs System-1? Analysis of phishing decisions using models of instance based learning and natural language processing


Anthony Harrison
GPT-Jass : A Text-to-model Pipeline for ACT-R Models


Jerry Ball
Overriding and Type Shifting in Double R Grammar


Peter Pirolli
Towards Population-Scale Models of Pandemic Attitudes and Behaviors


Andrea Stocco
Fitting ACT-R Models Using Trial-by-Trial Maximum Likelihood

5:00pm Open Discussion


6:00pm Conference Opening Reception at CREA café

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