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Eighth Annual Post-Graduate Summer School

Saturday   8:00 pm   John Anderson      Issues in the Future of ACT-R   .html   .ppt   .pdf

Sunday     9:00 am   Mike Byrne         R/PM                            .html   .ppt   .pdf
          11:00 am   Christian Lebiere  5.0 Architecture                .html   .ppt   .pdf
           1:30 pm   Dan Bothell        Environment & Education         .html   .ppt   .pdf
           8:00 pm   Dario Salvucci     Commentary                      .html   .ppt   .pdf

Monday     9:00 am   Christian Lebiere  5.0 Subsymbolic Computation     .html   .ppt   .pdf
          11:00 am   John Anderson      Parameters and Estimation       .html   .ppt   .pdf
           1:30 pm   Marsha Lovett      Individual Differences          .html   .ppt   .pdf
           8:00 pm   Eric Altmann       Commentary                      .html   .ppt   .pdf

Tuesday    9:00 am   Niels Taatgen      Production Compilation          .html   .ppt   .pdf
          11:00 am   John Anderson      Instruction                     .html   .ppt   .pdf
           1:30 pm   Rick Lewis         Language                        .html   .ppt   .pdf
           8:00 pm   Richard Young      Commentary                      .html   .doc   .pdf

Wednesday  9:00 am   Jon Fincham        Cognitive Neuroscience          .html   .ppt   .pdf
          11:00 am   Christian Lebiere  Future of ACT-R                

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