This page contains a prototype release of a new version of the ACT-R 7 software. The current stable release version of ACT-R 7 is available on the software page.

The new ACT-R software is built around a remote procedural call server which allows the modeler to interact with the ACT-R software from outside of Lisp and also allows the running ACT-R models to access functions which are implemented outside of Lisp.

Currently, this version of the software provides enough external access that all of the experiments for the models from the ACT-R tutorial can be implemented and run from outside of Lisp, and it includes versions of all of the tutorial tasks implemented in Python along with appropriate updates to the tutorial texts to provide instructions on how to use either the Lisp or Python versions of the tasks. It also provides enough external access that one could replace the existing goal module with a similarly functioning version implemented in Python (it is included in the examples/creating-modules/external directory). Documentation on how the RPC system operates, which should be sufficient for one to connect software from other languages as well, can be found in the docs directory in the file named remote. The other reference documents in that directory however are still being updated and my contain some outdated information (quick-start, reference manual, ACT-R Environment manual, and AGI manual).

Some additional information on the new software can be found in the second half of the slides from this talk at the 2017 ACT-R Workshop.

Version 7.11.1-<2629:2018-07-17>

Standalone Applications

The primary distribution of this version is through standalone applications which are available for:

Source Code

The source code is available here and from the subversion archive at svn://, but the standalone applications are currently the recommended way to use this version of the ACT-R software. If you want to use the current sources then you will also need to have Quicklisp installed.

Tutorial Units

The unit texts can be downloaded separately, but are already included in the software distributions above.


If you have any problems, questions, or comments about the ACT-R software please contact Dan.