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Twenty-Ninth Annual ACT-R Workshop

The 29th Annual ACT-R Workshop took place on Wednesday July 27, 2022 as part of the In-Person MathPsych/ICCM 2022 conference.


10:00am ET Session 1 Video

Lynne Reder
A new conception of working memory resources


Patrick Rice
Context is everything: possibilities for a larger role of spreading activation in ACT-R


Robert Thomson
In defence of chaining theories: robust spreading activation through buffer decay


11:20am ET Break


11:30am ET Session 2 Video

Nele Russwinkel
Models of Anticipatory Thinking


Cher Yang
Motivation and effort allocation in ACT-R


Holly Hake
Practical neurocomputational modeling of memory decline for improved evaluation of cognitive impairment


12:50pm ET Lunch Break


2:00pm ET Session 3 Video

Andrea Stocco
Creating ACT-R models by training


Alex Hough
Exploring analogical reasoning capabilities within a cognitive model


Christian Lebiere
Structural matching and similarity learning


3:20pm ET Break


3:30pm ET Session 4 Video

Andy Maloney, Jennifer Schellinck, Renan Ozen, Brendan Conway-Smith, and Robert West
GACTAR: A tool for creating & running basic ACT-R models on multiple implementations using a single declarative file format


Dan Bothell
ACT-R Updates


Open Discussion


5:00pm ET Closing


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