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Twenty-Eighth Annual ACT-R Workshop

The 28th Annual ACT-R Workshop took place on Monday July 12, 2021 as part of the Virtual MathPsych/ICCM conference. The video of the conference is available from the conference site and YouTube.


10:45am ET Start Zoom


11:00am ET Social Cognition

      Chair: Robert West


John Anderson
Foundation of Base-Level Activation in the Environment


Christian Lebiere
Behavioral Models of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in Epidemics


Jonathan H. Morgan
Modeling the Role of Human Memory and Expectations in Social Exchange


Panel Discussion


12:20pm ET Break


12:35pm ET Human-Machine Teaming

      Chair: Frank Ritter


Linda Heimisch
Combining ACT-R models with EEG data


Cvetomir Dimov
An ACT-R model of collaborative skill acquisition in Coop Space Fortress


Leslie Blaha
Cognitive Mechanisms for Calibrating Trust and Reliance on Automation


Dario Salvucci
Explorations of ACT-R, Cognitive Code, and Teachable Agents


Panel Discussion


2:15pm ET Break


2:30pm ET Cognition in Complex Task Environments

      Chair: Dario Salvucci


Terry Rector
Impacts on Cognitive Decay and Memory Recall During Long Duration Spaceflight


Frank Ritter
Learning and Forgetting Curves for a Complex Task with 3- to 14-day Retention Intervals: Implications for ACT-R


Emily Greve and Robert West
Modeling Well Learned Idiosyncratic Non Optimal Micro Strategies


Panel Discussion


3:50pm ET Break


4:05pm ET Future of ACT-R

      Chair: Christian Lebiere


Dan Bothell
ACT-R Updates


Open Discussion


5:00pm ET Closing


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