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Twenty-Sixth Annual ACT-R Workshop

The 26th Annual ACT-R Workshop took place on July 19, 2019 during the MathPsych/ICCM conference in Montreal, Canada.


9:00am Health and Social Models

Peter Pirolli
ACT-R Models of Health Behavior Change in Mobile Health Change


Andrea Stocco
Computational Psychiatry: Predicting Recovery Curves for PTSD


Mark Orr & Parantapa Bhattacharya
Scaling Social Systems with Cognitive Components


11:00am Environments and Applications

David M. Schwartz & Christopher L. Dancy
Building Environments for Simulation and Experimentation in Malmo


Nele Russwinkel
Towards Incorporating Cognitive Models in Applications


Frank E. Ritter, Farnaz Tehranchi, Jacob D. Oury, & Shan Wang
Testing the KRK Theory Breaks ACT-R and Pilot Data to Show it


2:00pm Theory and Architecture

Robert L. West, Emily Greve, & Elisabeth Reid
Using Smart Phone Games to Validate ACT-R


Andrea Stocco
Deriving an Architecture from Brain Data


Niels Taatgen
Extending ACT-R’s Modeling Capabilities: One Level Below, and One Level Above


4:20pm Future of ACT-R

Dan Bothell
Software Updates


Open Discussion


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