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Twenty-fifth Annual ACT-R Workshop and Summer School

Students and instructors at the 2018 ACT-R Summer School and Master Class

Left to Right: Roussel Rahman, Roderick Seow, Kevin O’Neill, Alexander Hough, Joseph Glavan, Farnaz Tehranchi, Christian Lebiere, John Anderson, Dan Bothell, Michael Collins, Drew Cranford, Shivam Pandey, Allie Richards, Jaelle Scheuerman, Mikaela Akrenius, Sterling Somers, Jun Fang, Taylor Curley, Haiyan Zhou, Konstantinos Mitsopoulos, Christina Jin

Twenty-Fifth Annual ACT-R Workshop Program 2018

The 25th Annual ACT-R Workshop takes place on July 21, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison during the 2018 MathPsych/ICCM conference.

9:00am Learning and Transfer in Complex Environments

John R. Anderson
Transfer of Cognitive Skills


Frank Ritter, Farnaz Tehranchi, & Jacob Oury
Using a Model to Predict Learning and Retention in a Large Study of a Complex Task


Christian Lebiere & Edward Cranford
Decision Making in the Presence of Deceptive Signals


10:40am Neural and Perceptual Embodiments

John Lindstedt & Michael Byrne
Simple Agglomerative Visual Grouping for ACT-R


Patrick Rice & Andrea Stocco
Using TMS to Test the Associations between ACT-R Modules and Cortical Regions


Andrea Stocco
ACT-R Parameters from Resting State Neuroimaging Data

1:30pm Human Machine Interaction


Gregory Trafton
Two Models of Social Influence


Sterling Somers
CogXAI: Cognitively eXplainable Artificial Intelligence


Nele Russwinkel
Developing a Concept of an Active Self through Natural Interaction


3:10pm Future of ACT-R

Dan Bothell
Software Updates


Open Discussion


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