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Twenty-Second Annual ACT-R Workshop and Summer School

Students and instructors at the 2015 ACT-R Summer School

(L to R) Misha Pavel, Jakub Dotlacil, Lyle Long, Dan Bothell, Michael Collins, Rachel Lerch, Cvetomir Dimov, James McKanna, Cristobal De La Maza, Emmanouil Konstantinidis, John Anderson, Jelmer Borst, Jason Harman, Hassen Gharbi, Daniel Roberts, Othalia Larue, Christian Lebiere, Rebecca Albrecht, Alex Yahja, Jessie Chin, Palvi Aggarwal, Xiaonan Liu, Wai-Tat Fu

Twenty-Second Anuual ACT-R Workshop Program 2015

The 22nd Annual ACT-R Workshop occurred on July 17-19, 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University. The progam/proceedings are located below.

Friday, July 17

John R. Anderson & Caitlin S. Tenison
Stages of Learning as Revealed by ACT-R Modeling of fMRI Data


J. Gregory Trafton & Anthony M. Harrison
Embodied Gesture and Language


Michael Martin
Exploiting Cognitive Context in Autonomous Perception


Christian Lebiere
Structural Pattern Matching


Anthony M. Harrison
Scaling Up, Scaling Out, and Scaling Understanding


Frank E. Ritter
Comments on documenting models based on documenting an ACT-R compiler


Dario D. Salvucci
ACT-R as Embedded Code


Niels Taatgen
Mobile Models


Panel Discussion

Model-Task Interfacing: General, Scalable Protocols

Vadislav D. Veksler, Ryan M. Hope, Anthony M. Harrison, and Don Morrison


Invited Speaker

Ken Forbus
Towards Software Social Organisms: The Companion Architecture

Saturday, July 18

Christopher L. Dancy
Using MindModeling to explore a parameter space and model the effects of circadian rhythms on cognition


Michael Collins, Ion Juvina, & Kevin Gluck
Comparing Predicted and Observed Trust Dynamics Within and Between Games of Strategic Interaction


Lyle N. Long
Modeling Emotion and Temperament on Cognitive Mobile Robots


Alessandro Oltramari
Understanding consumer experience with ACT-R


Rebecca Albrecht, Holger Schultheis, & Wai-Tat Fu
Memory Processing and the Visual Impedance Effect


Michael D. Byrne
Comparing vector-based and ACT-R memory models using large-scale datasets: User-customized hashtag and tag prediction on Twitter and StackOverflow


Jung Aa Moon
Modeling Science Inquiry Skills in an Interactive Simulation Task


Matthew M. Walsh
Spacing effects across multiple re-learning sessions


Panel Discussion

Scaling Up Cognitive Modeling

Christian Lebiere, Michael D. Byrne, Susan Chipman, Dario D. Salvucci, Niels Taatgen, and J. Gregory Trafton


Tutorials and Demos

Niels Taatgen
PRIMs/ACTransfer tutorial


Anthony M. Harrison
Model Development within jACT-R


Franklin P. Tamborello
ACT-Concurrently: Concurrency Work-Around for ACT-R


Vadislav D. Veksler
Standard Task-Actor Protocol: Less code to serve more types of models and human participants


Sunday, July 19

Dan Bothell
Recent Updates to ACT-R


Panel Discussion

Social-network behavior emerges from individuals: Scaling up cognitive representations, experimental infrastructure and cognitive technologies

Cleotilde Gonzalez, Ion Juvina, Christian Lebiere, and Alex Yahja


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