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Seventeenth Annual Workshop and Summer School


(L to R) San Hun Lee, Ryan Hope, Hyungseok Oh, Jerry Vinokourov, Yunfeng Zhang, Dan Bothell, David Sloan, John Anderson, Christian Lebiere, Mary Freiman, Chris Bogart, Hee Seung Lee, Daniel Gartenberg, Michelle Moon

ACT-R 2010 Workshop Schedule

Dan Bothell 		What's new in ACT-R 6.0
Bonnie John		CogTool: A Tool for Interface Design and ACT-R Research

Frank Ritter		Building Learning Models Quickly that do a Non-iterative Task
David Reitter		Hands-on with ACT-UP, a Cognitive Toolbox for Scalable Models
Jelmer Borst		Using Cognitive Models to Analyze fMRI Data

Wayne Gray		Space Fortress: An Overview
Marc Destefano		Modeling Space Fortress: RPI Effort
Dan Bothell		Modeling Space Fotress: CMU Effort

Christian Lebiere	Softening Representations for Model Reuse and Generality
Dario Salvucci		Cognitive Supermodels

John Anderson		The Future of ACT-R in the Post-John Era

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