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Thirteenth Annual Workshop


(L to R) Green shirt guy [statue], Paul Kieffaber, Melissa Beck, Orit Hazzan, Amy Santamaria, Brittney Opperman, Barbara Deml, Bella (Zafria) Veksler, Daniel Holt, Melih Gunal, Gustavo Lacerda, Niels Taatgen, John Anderson, Yulin Qin, Dean Petters, Ken McAnally, Dan Bothell, Little red shirt guy [statue], Dad of little red shirt guy [statue], Don Morrison


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All sessions will be in Adamson Wing (room 136A), which is on the first floor of Baker Hall.



7:45 Continental breakfast

8:15 Welcome


8:30 Five talks (20 minutes each)


John Anderson, A new utility learning mechanism



Glenn Gunzelmann, Representing Human Spatial Competence in ACT-R

William Kennedy & Greg Trafton, Representing and Reasoning about Space

Greg Trafton, Raj Ratwani & Len Breslow, A Color Perceptual Process Theory: Letting ACT-R see Colors.

Mike Byrne, An ACT-R Timing Module based on the Attentional Gate Model


10:10 Break


10:30 Five talks


Communication and Learning from Instructions

Mike Matessa, Four levels of Communication, Error, and Recovery in ACT-R

Angela Brunstein, Learning Algebra by Exploration


Leendert van Maanen & Hedderik van Rijn, Memory Structures as User Models

Jong Kim, Frank Ritter & Richard Koubek, Learning and Forgetting in ACT-R.

Jon Fincham & Greg Siegle, Modeling mechanisms that differentiate healthy and depressed individuals: The Paced Auditory Serial Attention Task


12:10 Lunch


1:30-5:30 David Noelle, Leabra tutorial and discussion (with 3:30-4:00 break)


6:30-10:00 Party at the Pittsburgh Centre for the Arts, 6300 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh.




7:45 Continental breakfast


8:30 Five talks


Multi-tasking and Control

Duncan Brumby & Dario Salvucci, Exploring Human Multitasking Strategies from a Cognitive Constraints Approach

Dario Salvucci & Niels Taatgen, An Integrated Approach to Multitasking in ACT-R

Andrea Stocco & John Anderson, The Neural Correlates of Control States in Algebra Problem Solving

Erik Altmann & Greg Trafton, Modeling the Timecourse of Recovery from Task Interruption

         Jared Danker, The Roles of Prefrontal and Posterior Parietal Cortices in Algebra Problem Solving: A Case of Using Cognitive Modeling to Inform Neuroimaging Data


10:10 Break


10:30 Five talks


Individual differences

Niels Taatgen, Ion Juvina, Seth Herd & David Jilk, A Hybrid Model of Attentional Blink

Daniel Hasumi-Dickison and Niels Taatgen, Individual differences in the Abstract Decision Making Task.

Ion Juvina, Niels A. Taatgen, & Daniel Hasumi-Dickison, The Role of Top-Down Control in Working Memory Performance: Implications for Multi-Tasking


Modeling/Architectural issues/Tools

Robert St. Amant, Sean McBride & Frank Ritter, An AI Planning Perspective on Abstraction in ACT-R Modeling

Christian Lebiere, Constraints and Complexity of Information Retrieval


12:10 Lunch


1:30 Five talks


John Anderson, Dan Bothell, Christian Lebiere & Niels Taatgen, the BICA project


Model validation

Glenn Gunzelmann & Kevin Gluck, Model Validation and High Performance Computing

Hedderik van Rijn, Complex model validation by multi-level modeling

Terrence Stewart  & Robert West, ACT-R versus not-ACT-R: Demonstrating Cross-domain Validity

Simon Li & Richard Young, ACT-R ALMOST provides a formula for predicting the rate of post-completion error


3:10 Break


3:40 Future of ACT-R




7:45 Continental breakfast


8:30 Five talks


Reasoning/problem solving

Adrian Banks, The Influence of Belief on Relational Reasoning: An ACT-R Model


Complex tasks

Michael Schoelles, Wayne D. Gray, Vladislav Veksler, Stephane Gamard, and Alex Grintsvayg, Cognitive Modeling of Web Search

Eric Raufaste, ATC in ACT-R, a model of Conflict Detection between Planes

Shawn Nicholson, Michael Byrne & Michael Fotta, Modifying ACT-R for Visual Search of Complex Displays

Shawn Nicholson, Michael Fotta, Rober St. Amant & Michael Byrne, SegMan and HEMA-SI


10:10 Break


10:30 Five talks



Frank Ritter, Sue Kase, Michael Schoelles, Jeanette Bennett & Laura Cousino Klein, Cognitive Aspects of Serial Subtraction

Robert West, Terrence Stewart & Bruno Emond, Modeling Emotion in ACT-R

Danilo Fum, Expected values and loss frequencies: A new view on the choice process in the Iowa Gambling Task


Visual perception and Search

Troy Kelley, Visual Search

Mike Byrne, A Theory of Visual Salience Computation in ACT-R


12:10 End


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