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Twenty-first Annual Workshop

ACT-R Workshop 2014 at CogSci

Session 1 – Metacognition and Learning

Coty Gonzalez    Instance-Based Learning Models of Choice 
Stefan Wierda    Modeling Theory of Mind in ACTransfer 
Niels Taatgen    Towards a Model of Life-­Long Learning 

Session 2 – Embodiment and Interaction

Nick Wilson      Habituated Activation: Considerations and Initial Implementation within the SS-RICS Cognitive
                 Robotics System 
Bill Kennedy     Social Cognition: ACT-R Models Talking to Each Other 
Dario Salvucci   From Circles to Cities: Driver Distraction in Traffic

Session 3 – Architecture I

Greg Trafton     A Model of Sustained Attention 
Rebecca Albrecht Towards a Formal Description of the ACT-­R Theory of Cognition with an Application to Spatial 
Glenn Gunzelmann Cognitive Moderators: Methodologies for Turning the Fantasy of Unified Theories into Reality 

Session 4 – Architecture II

Dan Bothell       ACT-­R Updates
Robert West       ACT-R and the Macro Architecture Hypothesis 
John Anderson

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