For the third year in a row, the ACT-R Summer School students braved the rapids in an afternoon adventure away from the lab.

Pictured clockwise from the top:
Richard Young
Mike Byrne
Linda Jongman
Stu Card
Bob Holt
Gwyneth Card

Pictured clockwise from the top:
Kevin Gluck
Neils Taatgen
Jenea Boshart
Anna Cox
Julie Thurn

Pictured clockwise from the top:
Tina Schorr
Jeff Hansberger
Mark Dekker
Alan White

First Row (L to R): Frank Lee, Anna Cox, Stuart Card, Tina Schorr, John Anderson
Second Row: Ralucca Budiu, Jenea Boshart, Daniella Busse, Kevin Gluck, XX, Richard Young, Myeong-Ho Sohn
Third Row: Ryan Snead, Bob Holt, Mike Matessa, Jon Fincham, Dan Bothell, XX, Niels Taatgen
Fourth Row: Troy Kelley, Mike Byrne, Dario Salvucci, Jeff Hansberger, Jim Peters