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Sixteenth Annual Workshop

ACT-R 2009 Workshop Schedule

Opening:  ACT-R from CMU's Perspective
John Anderson	   	Overview of ACT-R	
Dan Bothell        	Details of ACT-R 6.0

Presentations 1: Architecture
Christian Lebiere  	Functional constraints on architectural mechanisms
Leendert van Maanen	Retrieval by accumulating evidence in ACT-R
Vladislav D. Veksler	A mechanism for decisions in the absence of prior reward

Presentations 2: Extentions
Lael J. Schooler	ACT-R forays into the semantic web
Glenn Gunzelmann	Making models tired: A module for fatigue
Anthony Harrison	Acting outside the box: Truly embodied ACT-R
Michael J. Schoelles	Interfacing ACT-R with different types of environments and with different techniques:	                Issues and suggestions

Panel: Future of ACT-R from a non-CMU Perspective
Danilo Fum
Kevin A. Gluck
Wayne D. Gray
Niels A. Taatgen
J. Gregory Trafton
Richard M. Young

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