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Seventh Annual Workshop and Summer School


Front Row: (L to R) Bianca M. Sumutka, David Peebles, Daniel Cassenti, John Anderson, John Stricker, Lisa Stevenson, Anthony Hornof, Nathan Brannon, Melanie Cary, Frank Ritter, Anthony Harrison, Yulin Qin, Jay Brown
Back Row: (L to R) Frank Lee, Melanie Diez, Glenn Gunzelmann, Jon Fincham, Dan Bothell, Stefani Nellen, Eric Raufaste, Marcia Lovett, Mike Matessa

2000 ACT-R Workshop Schedule

All the lectures take place in Adamson Wing, Baker Hall 136A.
The Saturday lunch demo session takes place in Baker Hall 332P.
The Saturday evening dinner party takes place at 217 S. Dallas.

Saturday August 5

9:00am     Presentation Session 1 

John Stricker        Integrating visual and motor reponses and visual
Sandra Marshall      imagery in a simple dynamic environment

Wayne Gray           Captain Nemo: A software engineering approach to
Susan Kirschenbaum   contructing a plausible model for Project Nemo

Dario Salvucci       ACT-R and driving

Danilo Fum           Adaptive spatial planning: An ACT-R model
Fabio Del Missier

10:40am    Break

10:50am    Presentation Session 2

Lael Schooler        Does ACT-R's activation equation reflect the
                     environment of early hominids?

Erik Altmann         Retrieval threshold adaptivity

Alexander Petrov     ANCHOR: A memory-based model of category rating

Marsha Lovett        (Not) just another model of the Stroop effect

12:30pm    Lunch Break

1:00pm     Demo Session

2:00pm     Invited Session

Herbert A. Simon     Issues of methodology in using empirical data
                     to test computational theories of cognition

John R. Anderson     Reply

All                  Discussion

6:00pm     Dinner Party

Sunday August 6

9:00am     Presentation Session 3

Michael Schoelles    Empirical test of the Argus Prime ACT-R/PM model
Wayne Gray           at the unit task level

Mike Byrne           Modeling search of computer displays in ACT-R/PM

Wolfgang Schoppek    An ACT-R model of the interaction between trained
Deborah Boehm-Davis  airline pilots and the flight management system

Frank Lee            An ACT-R model of GT-ASP

10:40am    Break

10:50am    Summer School Research Projects

12:?0pm    Lunch Break

1:00pm     Special Session 1

Panel Discussion     Applications of cognitive architectures
Kevin Gluck, Dario Salvucci, Frank Ritter, Steve Blessing, Christian Lebiere

3:00pm     Break

3:30pm     Special Session 2

Christian Lebiere    ACT-R 5.0

Mike Byrne           RPM 2.0

Niels Taatgen        Proposal for Proceduralization in ACT-R 5.0

Discussion           The future of ACT-R

Monday August 7

9:00am    Presentation Session 4

Hedderik van Rijn    An ACT-R model of lexical decision
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Niels Taatgen        Why do children learn to say "broke"?
John Anderson        A model of learning the past tense

Raluca Budiu         An ACT-R model for judging metaphoric sentences and
John Anderson        learning metaphors

John Anderson        Learning from instructions

10:40am    Break

10:50am    Presentation Session 5

Roman Belavkin       Adding a theory of motivation to ACT-R
Frank Ritter

Kenning Marchant     Legal rules as cognitive grammars in an ACT-R framework

Richard Young        A new rational framework for modelling exploratory
Anna Cox             device learning ... but does it fit with ACT-R?

Scott Sanner         Achieving efficient and cognitively plausible learning
Christian Lebiere    in backgammon

12:30pm    Workshop ends

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