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Fifth Annual Workshop and Summer School


(L to R) Kevin Gluck, XX, Christian Lebiere, Mike Byrne, XX, Andrew Conway, Marcia Lovett, Hedderik van Rijn, XX, Wolfgang Schoppek, Jon Fincham, John Anderson, Wai-Tat Fu, Frank Lee, Dan Bothell, Robert West, Mike Matessa, Jeffrey Feddon, Dario Salvucci, Peter Delaney, XX, Sean Duncan

                       FIFTH ANNUAL ACT-R WORKSHOP

              Carnegie Mellon University - July 18-21 1998

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ACT-R is a cognitive theory and simulation system for developing
cognitive models for tasks that vary from simple reaction time to air
traffic control.  Each year, a workshop is held to present new
developments and applications and to enable current users to exchange
results and ideas.  The fifth Annual ACT-R Workshop will be held at
Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.   The workshop will start on
the morning of Saturday July 18 and conclude by early afternoon on
Tuesday July 21, 1998.  Workshop participants who register early will
receive a complimentary copy of The Atomic Components of Thought, the
new book to be published this summer describing the latest developments
of the ACT theory.  The early registration deadline is JULY 1.

Mornings will be devoted to research presentations, each lasting about
30 minutes including questions.  Participants are invited to present
their ACT-R research by submitting a presentation title and a short
abstract.  Sunday and Monday afternoons will feature discussion sessions
and instructional tutorials.  Potential tutorials include the writing of
interface scripts for ACT-R models and the extraction, analysis and
interpretation of eye-tracking data.  Potential discussion topics
include declarative versus procedural representation and problem
solving.  Feel free to suggest a session topic, either on your
registration form or by replying to this email.  Sunday and Monday
evenings will be occupied by demonstration sessions, during which
participants can gain a more detailed knowledge of the models presented
and engage in unstructured discussions.  The future of ACT-R session on
Tuesday morning may include a debate on the issues of implementation
language and platform, standardization and use of the web.

Saturday afternoon will feature our invited speaker, Kurt VanLehn from
the University of Pittsburgh, who will be speaking on the topic of
tutoring.  ACT has had a long history in research on tutoring.  There is
a perception that the finer grain size of ACT-R 4.0 has made it less
relevant to issues of tutoring.  Kurt has had a long history of research
on architectures and on tutoring.  In his principal address, he will
focus on the design decisions in tutoring systems and the empirical
evidence relevant to these design decisions.  Kurt and John Anderson
will discuss the issue of the relevance of ACT-R 4.0 to tutoring

Admission to the workshop is open to all.  The early registration fee
(before July 1) is $100 and the late registration fee (after July 1) is
$125.  Registration includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, a dinner
party on Saturday, a copy of the proceedings and a copy of the Atomic
Components of Thought book (except for late registrants).  A
registration form is available.  Specify the title and abstract of
your talk (if applicable) and any suggestion for a session topic.
Additional information (detailed schedule, directions & dining, etc.) 
will appear on the ACT-R Web site (http://act.psy.cmu.edu/) 
or can be requested at:

1998 ACT-R Workshop and Summer School
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