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Fourth Workshop and Summer School

Carnegie Mellon University

August 2 to 5 1997

1997 Workshop

Front Row: (L to R) Kevin Gluck, Jon Fincham, John Anderson, Johnny Chuah, Jim Davies
Second Row: (L to R) Carol Raye, Danielle McNamara, Frank Lee, Susan Trickett, Mike Matessa, XX , XX, XX, Marsha Lovett
Third Row: (L to R) Erik Altmann, Christian Lebiere, Myeong-Ho Sohn, Tracy Hutcheson, Mike Byrne, Bruno Emond, XX, XX, XX, Jose Leitao


ACT-R is a simulation system for developing cognitive models for tasks
that vary from simple reaction time to air traffic control.  Each year a
workshop is held to present new developments and applications and will
be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh from August 2 to
August 5, 1997 (just before the Cognitive Science conference).  The
early registration deadline is June 15.

The mornings will be devoted to research presentations.  Participants
are invited to give a short presentations of their related research
(completed, ongoing and planned projects are all acceptable).  Early
afternoons will be devoted to special interest sessions.  Potential
session topics include ACT-R education and standardization, parameter
estimation in ACT-R models and the new perceptual/motor interface.  Feel
free to suggest a session topic, either on your registration form or by
replying to this email.  During late afternoons and evenings,
participants are encouraged to work on their research, exchange ideas
and engage in unstructured discussions.  Finally, this year's invited
speaker is Walter Schneider from the Center for the Neural Basis of
Cognition.  He will speak about the latest neurophysiological data,
followed by a discussion on ACT-R's relevance to neural data and
connectionist models.

Admission to the workshop is open to all.  The early registration fee is
$50 and the late registration fee (after June 15) is $75.  A
registration form is appended below.  Specify the title of your talk (if
applicable) and any suggestion for a session topic.  If you have already
registered, feel free to send your suggestions by email.  

Additional information such as a registration form and detailed schedule 
will appear on the ACT-R Web site (http://act.psy.cmu.edu/) as available 
or can be requested at:

1997 ACT-R Workshop
Psychology Department
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Baker Hall 345C                                 Fax: +1 (412) 268-2844
Carnegie Mellon University                      Tel: +1 (412) 268-3438
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