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Third Workshop and Summer School


(L to R) XX, XX, Mike Matessa, XX, XX, Jon Fincham, XX, XX, Marsha Lovett, XX, XX, XX, John Anderson, XX, Christian Lebiere, XX, XX

Carnegie Mellon University – June 1996


ACT-R is a simulation system for developing cognitive models for tasks that vary from simple reaction time to air traffic control. Each year a workshop and summer school is held to train researchers in the use of the system and to enable current users of the system to exchange results.

  • Summer School: June 17 to 24

    • Train researchers in the use of ACT-R for cognitive modeling.
    • Theory lectures, homework assignments and research projects.
    • Limited admission. Stipend available.
    • Participants are expected to stay on for tutorial and workshop.
    • Novices will be required to attend a two-day pre-session.
  • Tutorial: June 25 to 28

    • Train researchers in the use of new features of ACT-R 3.0.
    • Includes new development environment, visual/action interface and integrated experiment software.
    • Open to a limited number of workshop participants.
    • Preference given to graduates of previous summer school and those who can bring their own portable computer.
  • Workshop: June 29 and 30

    • Presentations of new research and development in ACT-R.
    • The new ACT-R 3.0 system will be introduced and each participant will receive a copy of the system.
    • Participants are encouraged to give a short presentation of their related research (completed, ongoing and planned projects and comparative studies are all acceptable)

Registration and housing forms and the latest schedule are available on the Web or can be requested at:


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