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Twentieth Annual Workshop

ACT-R Workshop 2013 at ICCM

Session 1 – Architecture

Unmesh Kurup  	Using Expectations to Drive Cognitive Behavior
Niels Taatgen  	General Strategies for cognitive control
Rob Thomson  	Bottom-Up Learning: The Case for Associative Memory in ACT-R

Session 2 – Applications

Hugh McLarty  	Massively Scalable ACT-R
David Reitter  	Modeling individual differences and need-for-cognition
Mike Schoelles 	JSON Network Interface to ACT-R
Jerry Vinokurov	SAL, a Hybrid Cognitive Architecture, with Applications

Session 3 – Neural

Chris Dancy  	ACT-RΦ: ACT-R with a physiological substrate
Terry Stewart  	Neural Python ACT-R
Robert West  	Is the amygdala a production system?

Session 4 – Future

Dan Bothell  	ACT-R updates

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