2015 ACT-R Summer School and Master Class

2015 ACT-R Summer School and Master Class
Carnegie Mellon University
July 13-16, 2015

The 2015 ACT-R Summer School will take place from July 13-16, just before the 22nd annual ACT-R Workshop which will also be held at Carnegie Mellon University. The Summer School will follow a format similar to that used in ACT-R Spring Schools held at the University of Groningen and consist of both a Summer School and a Master Class.

The Summer School will train researchers in the use of ACT-R for cognitive modeling using the ACT-R tutorial. The tutorial consists of eight units, six of which will be covered during the four days of the Summer School. Each day will consist of a morning theory lecture covering one or two tutorial units, an afternoon discussion session on the topics of the day, and modeling assignments which participants are expected to complete during the day and evening.

The Master Class is organized in parallel with the Summer School. The Master Class offers the opportunity for ACT-R modelers to work on their own projects with guidance from experienced ACT-R researchers. There is no curriculum for the Master Class, but Master Class students are welcome to attend the Summer School lectures and discussion sessions.

To provide an optimal learning environment, admission to the Summer School and Master Class will be limited. To apply for the Summer School, please email a curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose to db30@andrew.cmu.edu. Demonstrated experience with a modeling formalism similar to ACT-R will strengthen a Summer School application. To apply for the Master Class please email a curriculum vitae along with some information about your level of experience with ACT-R and some details on the project you expect to work on during the Master Class.

Applications are due by April 13th and applicants will be notified of admission by April 30.

Admission to the Summer School and Master Class is free. In addition, the registration fee for the ACT-R Workshop will be waived for Summer School Students, but not for students of the Master Class. Housing will be available in the CMU dormitories for approximately $60/day (single) or $40/day (shared), and will be available through the end of the workshop.

For more information on the Summer School and Master Class you can email Dan Bothell at db30@andrew.cmu.edu.

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