4th ACT-R Spring School and Master Class 2014

Fourth ACT-R Spring School and Master Class 2014
Organizers: Niels Taatgen, Hedderik van Rijn, Jelmer Borst and Stefan Wierda
University of Groningen, Netherlands
April 7-12, 2014
ACT-R is a cognitive theory and simulation system for developing cognitive models for tasks that vary from simple reaction time experiments to driving a car, learning algebra and air traffic control. Following previous ACT-R events in 2010, 2011 and 2013, the University of Groningen will host a spring school and master class.
Spring School
Participants will follow a compressed five-day version of the traditional summer school curriculum. The standard curriculum is structured as a set of six units, of which we will cover five in the course of the week. Each unit lasts a day and involves a morning theory lecture, an afternoon discussion session on advanced topics, and an assignment which participants are expected to complete during the day. The last day will be devoted to discussions and presentations by participants. Computing facilities will be provided or attendees can bring their own laptop on which the ACT-R software will be installed.
To provide an optimal learning environment, admission is limited. Prospective participants should submit an application by January 27, consisting of a curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose. Demonstrated experience with a modeling formalism similar to ACT-R will strengthen the application, as well as general programming experience. Applicants will be notified of admission by February 3.
Master Class: Work on your own project
Organized parallel to the spring school, the master class offers the opportunity for modelers to work on their own projects with guidance from experienced ACT-R modelers. Note that signing up for the Master Class assumes some prior ACT-R experience, either through self-study, or having followed an earlier ACT-R spring or summer school.
Participation in the Master Class is open to all who have some prerequisite ACT-R experience through prior Summer or Spring schools. Please also register before January 27th.
PRIM/Actransfer tutorial
For those interested in modeling transfer, a tutorial will be offered about the new Actransfer extension to ACT-R. See http://www.ai.rug.nl/~niels/actransfer.html for more information.
Registrations fees and housing
Registration fee: Euro 200
Housing will be offered in the university guesthouse for approximately 61 Euro /day (single, double rooms are around Euro 78.50, Breakfast is 10 Euro/person).
To apply to the 2014 Spring School or Master Class, send an email to Hedderik van Rijn and attach the requested documents before January 27, 2014.

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