The following lists the eight sample problems and solutions used in the simple physics task. Note that the variable equations in these solutions pertain to the PC condition; for the NC condition variable equations, refer to Table 10.1 in the book chapter.

Sample Problem:

Two spaced metal plates form a capacitor.

The area of each plate is 9.

The spacing between the plates is 7.

What is the capacitance C?


C = A / s

= 9 / 7

Sample Problem:

A sheet of glass is put between a hot stone and a cooler one.

The thickness of the glass is 8.

The conductivity of the glass is 3.

What is the thermal resistance R of the glass?


R = T / c

= 8 / 3

Sample Problem:

A rod travelling near the speed of light contracts.

The rod's proper length is 5.

The Lorentz factor is 9.

What is the rod's length L' at that speed?


L' = L / f

= 5 / 9

Sample Problem:

A block is fastened to a spring attached to a wall.

The spring constant is 4.

The distance from equilibrium is 7.

What is the force F exerted by the spring on the block?


F = - c * d

= - 4 * 7

Sample Problem:

A beam of light is travelling through some medium.

The index of refraction is 5.

What is the velocity of light v in the medium?


v = c / i

= c / 5

Sample Problem:

Light shines through a narrow slit.

Consider minimum number 2,

which falls at angle 5.

The wavelength of the light is 7.

What is width s of the slit?


s = n * w / S a

= 2 * 7 / S 5

Sample Problem:

A cylinder contains 1 mole of oxygen under pressure.

The pressure of the gas is 4.

The temperature of the gas is 7.

What is the volume V of the cylinder?


V = R * T / p

= R * 7 / 4

Sample Problem:

A coiled wire forms an inductor.

The flux through the inductor is 4.

The number of windings is 9.

The current through the wire is 2.

What is the inductance L of the inductor?


L = N * f / c

= 9 * 4 / 2